Australia beat New Zealand in first women’s T20 international – as it happened | Sport

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Let’s do it again tomorrow

Sophie Devine is talking. She laments her side letting it slip with the ball, and ultimately letting the chase get away from them with the bat. But they get to go again tomorrow in the second T20. Meg Lanning’s turn. “I thought we fought really nicely with the bat; Ash Gardner was excellent.” She goes on to note that they had the luxury of knowing what would work with the ball having batted on it earlier.

And on that note, I’ll sign off for now. Thank for your company. I’ll be back with you at the same time tomorrow for the second T20 International from Brisbane. Bye!

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Ash Gardner is player of the match

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WICKET! Jensen c Gardner b Schutt 4 (New Zealand 116-7)

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WICKET! Kerr c b Schutt 5 (New Zealand 115-6)

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WICKET! Bates c b Schutt 33 (New Zealand 105-5)

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WICKET! Martin c Lanning b Schutt 21 (New Zealand 105-4)

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WICKET! Satterthwaite c Healy b Jonassen 9 (New Zealand 65-3)

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WICKET! Devine st Healy b Kimmince 29 (New Zealand 43-2)

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WICKET! Green c Schutt b Kimmince 5 (New Zealand 27-1)

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WICKET! Gardner c Satterthwaite b Bates 61 (Australia 126-6)

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Ash Gardner to 50!

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