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Sophie Molineux is player of the match for her 2/17. “Sophie Devine is a world class player so we knew it was a pretty important wicket to get,” she says of the big breakthrough at the very start of her four overs. Devine’s turn to talk. The New Zealand captain believes their issue with the ball isn’t that they don’t have bowlers who can take pace off the ball, but that they didn’t bowl into the pitch well enough. Now Meg Lanning. “We pegged them back well with the ball and batting wise, Healy and Mooney getting off to a flying start meant that we could see it home.”

And that’s that: Australia big winners by eight wickets, taking a two-nil series win into the third and final T20 on Wednesday. I’ll be back with you then. Bye for now!

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WICKET! Mooney c Satterthwaite b Kerr 24 (Australia 64-2)

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WICKET! Healy c Bates b Tahuhu 33 (Australia 51-1)

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NEW ZEALAND ALL-OUT 128! WICKET! Mair c Lanning b Carey 0.

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WICKET! Tahuhu c Carey b Kimmince 4 (New Zealand 126-9)

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WICKET! Kerr c Carey b Kimmince 11 (New Zealand 122-8)

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WICKET! Martin b Molineux 3 (New Zealand 100-7)

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WICKET! Down c Healy b Wareham 12 (New Zealand 96-6)

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WICKET! Bates c Jonnasen b Kimmince 22 (New Zealand 85-5)

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WICKET! Jensen b Wareham 7 (New Zealand 80-4)

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WICKET! Satterthwaite st Healy b Wareham 30 (New Zealand 68-3)

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WICKET! Green run out [Wareham/Healy] 7. New Zealand 19-2

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WICKET! Devine c & b Molineux 9 (New Zealand 16-1)

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New Zealand have won the toss and are batting first

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Welcome to the second T20 between Australia’s women and New Zealand at the Allan Border Field in Brisbane. We don’t see matches on consecutive days at international level too often these days, but this is what we are enjoying to begin this three-game series after the hosts won by 17 runs yesterday at the same surface.

After slumping to 82/5 in the 14th over, Meg Lanning’s side powered to the line thanks to Ash Gardner, who cleared the midwicket rope on three occasions on the way to 61 from 41 balls, enabling them to set the White Ferns 139. They were in striking distance at a similar time of their chase, but Megan Schutt’s four wickets in two overs at the death ensured that they would end up falling well short with 121-7.

The toss is shortly. I’ll be back with you then with the result of that and the two teams as named. And as always on the OBO, I’m looking forward to your company.

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