Big Bash League 2020 season opener: Hobart Hurricanes v Sydney Sixers – live! | Sport

4.47am EST04:47

Hobart Hurricanes 178-8

4.46am EST04:46

4.45am EST04:45

WICKET! David c Edwards b Christian 58 (Hurricanes 172-8)

4.40am EST04:40

4.36am EST04:36

WICKET! Ellis c Edwards b Dwarshuis 14 (Hurricanes 152-7)

4.33am EST04:33

4.27am EST04:27

at 4.28am EST

4.26am EST04:26

WICKET! Faulkner c Vince b Dwarshuis 6 (Hurricanes 127-6)

4.23am EST04:23

at 4.28am EST

4.20am EST04:20

WICKET! Ingram c Sandhu b Christian 55 (Hurricanes 116-5)

4.16am EST04:16

at 4.28am EST

4.12am EST04:12

4.09am EST04:09

4.05am EST04:05

4.01am EST04:01

WICKET! Wright c Silk b Christian 8 (Hurricanes 76-4)

at 4.05am EST

3.59am EST03:59

3.55am EST03:55

at 3.56am EST

3.51am EST03:51

3.49am EST03:49

WICKET! Handscomb st Philippe b O’Keefe 24 (Hurricanes 59-3)

at 3.50am EST

3.47am EST03:47

3.43am EST03:43

3.39am EST03:39

3.35am EST03:35

3.31am EST03:31

3.28am EST03:28

3.25am EST03:25

3.22am EST03:22

WICKET! Short c Edwards b Dwarshuis 1 (Hurricanes 4-2)

3.19am EST03:19

3.18am EST03:18

WICKET! Jacks c&b Manenti 0 (Hurricanes 0-1)

at 3.20am EST

3.14am EST03:14

3.13am EST03:13

3.11am EST03:11

3.08am EST03:08

3.02am EST03:02

2.55am EST02:55

2.52am EST02:52

2.51am EST02:51

2.49am EST02:49

2.47am EST02:47

Sixers XI

2.46am EST02:46

Hurricanes XI

2.43am EST02:43

2.26am EST02:26


Hello everybody and welcome to live coverage of the opening match of the 2020-21 Big Bash League. Hobart Hurricanes v Sydney Sixers is underway from Blundstone Arena at 7.15pm.

The first game of every new season has plenty riding on it, but this year there’s more than most. Cricket Australia and broadcast partner Channel Seven have been involved in a long-running row over the nature of their commercial arrangement, including the quality of the BBL. Both parties will hope the tournament gets off to a flying start, and sustains momentum over a marathon 59-day competition.

Criticisms of the length of the BBL grow louder each season, but they have been well and truly ignored. The product that quickly established itself as a golden goose nine years ago has since been fattened like a Muscovy duck. Now entering its tenth iteration the season dominates the summer calendar, despite a waning of the star power and knockabout charm that marked its welcome entry into living rooms.

A signal that everything might not be tickety boo with the core product arrived a few weeks ago with a press release indicating this year’s BBL would have even more bells and whistles than usual. Hands up anyone who cares about the Power Surge (AKA a movable powerplay), the X-Factor (a 12th man allowed not only to carry drinks, but possibly even sip one in very limited circumstances), and the Bash Boost (a bonus point awarded midway through the second innings, to supposedly keep interested anybody at risk of nodding-off in a one-sided contest).

It all feels like innovation for innovation sake, without being particularly radical (for example, why not go for full playing rosters who can all operate at any given point so you only ever have frontline bowlers and top-order batters). And if T20 is supposedly the sport’s gateway drug, it’s a lot more cumbersome paraphernalia in order to become hooked.

But hey, here we are, so why not get excited!

I’ll be back in a short while with the toss and line-ups. If you want to get in touch at any point, you can reach me on Twitter or email.

Here come the Sixers! Ok, so you’ll have to sub out Philadelphia for Sydney yourselves, but what a tune.

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