Liverpool v Arsenal: Carabao Cup fourth round – live! | Football

3.25pm EDT15:25

3.24pm EDT15:24

3.22pm EDT15:22

3.19pm EDT15:19

3.18pm EDT15:18

3.15pm EDT15:15

3.13pm EDT15:13

3.11pm EDT15:11

3.09pm EDT15:09

3.06pm EDT15:06

3.02pm EDT15:02

3.01pm EDT15:01

at 3.01pm EDT

2.59pm EDT14:59

2.57pm EDT14:57

2.56pm EDT14:56

2.54pm EDT14:54

2.51pm EDT14:51

2.49pm EDT14:49

2.48pm EDT14:48

2.46pm EDT14:46

2.42pm EDT14:42

2.34pm EDT14:34

The managers pre-match thoughts

2.22pm EDT14:22

2.20pm EDT14:20

2.18pm EDT14:18

2.13pm EDT14:13

2.07pm EDT14:07

2.01pm EDT14:01

at 2.41pm EDT

1.59pm EDT13:59

1.51pm EDT13:51


12.17pm EDT12:17


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