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I never thought I’d wax lyrical about face powder in late August, but it’s testament to how obsessed I am with Hourglass’s new vegan-friendly Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder (£49) that I simply cannot wait until autumn.

First, a caveat: there are reasons some of you will want to avoid it. It’s pearlescent, not mattifying, it doesn’t blur pores, comes in only one shade (more on the way, I hear) and costs about as much as a tank of petrol (I drive small). But if you happen to be looking for a noticeably glowy, light-as-helium finishing powder to set makeup without a hint of chalk, ash or caking, this is the holy grail. I’ve worn it every day since it landed on my desk, moving it from pocket to handbag to glove compartment lest I find myself in need.

Brushed all over bare face or makeup, it gives skin a beautiful dimension – much like its big sister, Ambient Powder, but with a tiny portion of sparkle loaned from its middle sibling, Strobe Powder (the product is effectively the two swirled together). The balance is exactly right for someone of dull complexion who craves the glow of modern makeup, minus the disco mirrorball finish only the young and pore-free can carry off (if you’re still scared, confine to cheekbones, brow bones and nose tip).

But price: there is no denying the horror. So I’ve spent the past fortnight trying to find a reasonable duplicate, so you can at least try on the Hourglass look for size before shattering your money box. I was elated to find Revolution Pro’s terrific vegan Skin Finish ( £5) which costs a mere 10% of the Hourglass. It also comes in six shades, for women of all skin tones (I wear Opalescent).

Do I love it as much? No – it’s a little more powdery. But in terms of glow comparability, it sits somewhere between Hourglass Ambient Infinity and MAC’s ultra-flattering Skin Finish Natural (an old favourite; I’ve said quite enough on it already), and represents phenomenal value.

If you have a little more to play with, and seek a subtler glow with zero spangle, I’ve recently revisited Laura Mercier’s woefully underrated and cruelty-free Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder (£32.50). Racially inclusive, finer than silk and locking down makeup to a flattering finish on every skin type, from oily to dry, it’s the perfect low-wattage face bulb

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