TV tonight: Ross Kemp tracks down the bulldozer diamond thieves | Television

The Millennium Dome Heist With Ross Kemp

9pm, ITV

It was a scenario straight out of a Guy Ritchie film, taking place in that fittingly hubristic monument to late-90s excess, the Millennium Dome. Two decades on, this documentary reveals the true audacity of the attempted diamond heist that would have netted a bigger haul than Brink’s-Mat, Hatton Garden and the Great Train Robbery put together. Seven criminals, armed only with a bulldozer and a speedboat, planned the robbery – but the Old Bill had a few cunning ruses of their own. Phil Harrison

Children in Need: Life in Lockdown

7.30pm, BBC One

In Newcastle upon Tyne, Coby supports his little sister through her rare disorder. In Swansea, three siblings with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder persevere through lockdown. And, in Hertfordshire, Ethan comes to terms with deteriorating eyesight. A showcase for young people’s optimism, courage and resilience. Ali Catterall

12 Puppies and Us

8pm, BBC Two

Puppy ownership is booming; this series follows dogs as they settle into their new homes. Mr Cooper the dachshund gets the shock of his life when a great Dane puppy moves in, while a family with five children in south London choose Sage the staffordshire bull terrier-cross as their new lockdown friend. Hannah Verdier

Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

8pm, ITV

Chocks away … Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape. Photograph: ITV

A new series in which O’Grady explores the Garden of England before it is turned into a gigantic lorry park in the service of Brexit. O’Grady lives in Kent and is well placed to extol the county’s virtues. Tonight, he takes to the skies in a Tiger Moth biplane, visits a historic castle and meets a rescued barn owl. PH

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country

8pm, Channel 4

Beeny continues to chronicle her dreamy property career: she and her husband, Graham, have bought 89 hectares (220 acres) of Somerset and plan to build a mansion. Episode one brings gambolling with lambs, some light planning issues and a tour of the family’s previous fabulous houses. Jack Seale

Dance Around the World

11.05pm, Channel 4

An invigorating journey into the sprawling world of street dance as professionals Suzette, Kym and Maren explore dance styles across the globe and challenge local people to dance-offs. They begin in Brazil, where dances such as passinho and capoeira have political and cultural associations. PH

Film choice

There will be blood … Bacurau. Photograph: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

Bacurau (Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles, 2019), 12.55am, Film4
Weird things are happening in the (fictional) Brazilian town of Bacurau. It is disappearing off the map, for a start, then there is a struggle over the water supply, a flying saucer hovering overhead and a gang of armed tourists on the rampage. There will be blood, for sure, in this political allegory-cum-western. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Women’s Big Bash cricket: Brisbane Heat v Sydney Thunder 8am, BT Sport 2. From Blacktown ISP Oval, Sydney.

Rugby league: New South Wales v Queensland 9am, Sky Sports Main Event. The second game in the series.

Cycling: European Track Championships 4pm, Eurosport 1. The annual event, this year from Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

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